Jun 15, 2024  
Jarvis Christian University 
Jarvis Christian University

Early Start Summer Program

The Early Start Summer Program (ESSP) is designed to provide enrichment and compensatory experiences to help college-bound students overcome difficulties, which might interfere with their academic performance and adjustment to college. ESSP students are enrolled for college credit while participating in the program.

Students interested in ESSP should make contact during their senior year of high school for additional information. Persons should write to:

Director of Recruitment and Admissions
Jarvis Christian University
Post Office Box 1470
Hawkins, Texas 75765


There is no specific pre-law curriculum. However, pre-law students are strongly encouraged to study English, criminal justice, history, or sociology. Depending on the selection of a major and a minor, students may obtain the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.


There is no specific pre-med curriculum. However, premed students are strongly encouraged to study biology and chemistry. Students may opt to major in biology and minor in chemistry or major in chemistry and minor in biology. Upon completion of the degree requirements, students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree.