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Jarvis Christian University 
Jarvis Christian University

Barbara Charline Jordan Honors Program

The Barbara Jordan Honors Program at Jarvis Christian University is an interdisciplinary academic program designed for undergraduate students with a demonstrated record of excellence. Honors students may choose two different program options: a general education core, an enhanced curriculum within academic departments, or a combination of both.

Students may graduate with the designation of a Barbara Jordan Honors Program Scholar by achieving the following:

  1. completing a minimum of 24 hours of honors course work.
  2. enrolling in a minimum of six hours of honors course work during each academic year of undergraduate study.
  3. maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25.


The mission of the program is to offer academically motivated students a diverse interdisciplinary curriculum that has an intense focus on research, service, and experiential learning through a community of faculty, staff, and students at Jarvis Christian University and within the state, nation, and world.


To be considered for admission into the program, students must complete and submit a Barbara Jordan Honors Program application, with all requested information listed on the application. The Honors Committee considers the applicant’s demonstrated academic excellence, as well as character traits such as perseverance, inquisitiveness, and hard work. Students may apply for admission into the program as new freshmen with a high school grade point average of 3.25 or higher. Prospective applicants must be admitted to Jarvis Christian University prior to being considered for the honors program. Student recruits must also demonstrate strong written skills based upon their writing samples in a 750-1000-word essay (approximately three to four pages) on one of two topics given. Additionally, student recruits must submit at least three letters of recommendation (on the school’s letterhead) from school teachers, counselors, or other school personnel. This information may be mailed or e-mailed (please reference contact information).

Participants entering after the first semester of the freshman year are selected on the basis of cumulative grade point average plus the recommendations of two faculty members within their academic department. The required average for second semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors is 3.25 or above.

Honors Program Advantages

  • Graduating as an Honors Program Scholar
  • Special consideration for scholarships, internships, and research opportunities
  • Special cultural and travel opportunities
  • Membership in the Honors Students’ Organizations
  • Exceptional and personalized academic advising and counseling
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Exciting and challenging honors courses
  • Provide undergraduate education that will enhance students’ chances of getting admitted to graduate and professional schools
  • Honors Program Ambassadors, a group of honors student volunteers, serve as the “front line” for information about Jarvis Christian University (JCU) and the honors program during activities and visitations.

Course Offerings

Students may enroll in honors courses throughout their tenure at the university. The built-in flexibility of the program allows students to concurrently earn honors credit towards their degree as follows:

  • Special honors sections of general education course. Core courses in English, History, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics are a component of all curricula.
  • Honors enhancement courses allow the opportunity for students to receive honors credit for non-designated honors courses. Upon the completion of a contract agreement between the student, instructor, and the Director of Honors, honors credit is given for work done in a course found in the student’s curriculum but which has not been designated as an honors section.

Honors Student Organizations

The Honors Program Ambassadors (HPA) is the Honors Program’s own student recruitment organization. As a member of a HPA, students will share their experiences with prospective students and parents, giving them an idea of what it’s really like to be an honors student at Jarvis Christian University. Whether hosting prospective students on campus, assisting with honors events and programs, attending recruitment workshops or college fairs, serving on student panels, or meeting with students one-on-one, there will be plenty of opportunities to show real Bulldog Honors pride.

The Honors Mentors Association (HMA) is a club designed to guide new honors students through their first year of college. Students are paired with a mentor who survived their freshman year and can share the knowledge and experience they gained throughout their time at Jarvis Christian University and Honors. HMA will also organize several social events throughout the year to help mentees make new friends and realize all that Jarvis has to offer.

Honors Research Scholars (HRS) is a student research organization designed to foster undergraduate research and has as its focus interdisciplinary. Members of HRS will host an annual Undergraduate Symposium consisting of honors students as presenters, which will be open to the entire college community. HRS students will be paired with Jarvis faculty who will direct their research and mentor them in their preparation for formal presentations of their research in the Honors Program.

Creative Arts in Honors (CAH) enhances the arts at Jarvis Christian University and serves to foster creativity in students of all majors and disciplines. The AH is a group of honors students who value the performance of poetry, fiction, drama, memoir, etc. Every semester, CAH students will host various performance pieces that give honors students a chance to express their inner creativity and invite family, friends, and other JCU students to enjoy and witness their creative pieces.

All Honors Program students are required to join and remain active each year in one of the four Honors Program student organizations.

Honors Lamp of Knowledge Badges

Honors students will have an opportunity to earn one or more “Lamp of Knowledge” Honors Badges following successful completion of designated community service activities, internships, assignments, outstanding service & achievement in honors organizations and participation in scholarly research presentations. The four “Lamp of Knowledge” Honors Badges are: (1) Ethics; (2) Integrity; (3) Respect; and, (4) Leadership.