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Jarvis Christian University 
Jarvis Christian University

Faculty and Staff Directory

NAME  Department  Title  Email  Ext 
ABBIT, JASMINE C  Athletics  Head Coach Volleyball/Asst. Coach  jabbit@jarvis.edu  2525
Dr. ADEEKO, ISAAC  Business Administration  Asst. Professor of Accounting  Iadeeko@jarvis.edu 2120
ALLEN, CLEOPATRA  Academic Affairs  Asst. to the Provost & Academic Initiatives  called@jarvis.edu  2106
ARELLANO, MIGUEL B  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Prof of Mathematics  marellano@jarvis.edu  
ARZOLA, ADRIANA Athletics Asst. Soccer Coach aarzola@jarvis.edu 2905
ATKINS, RODNEY  Enhancing Library Resources  Director Olin Library  ratkins@jarvis.edu  2171
 VACANT Custodial Maintenance  Custodian    3102
AVERY, CHRISTOPHER  Athletics  Head Coach/Men Basketball  cavery@jarvis.edu 2305
VACANT Resident Life  Resident Coordinator    2250
BAILEY, BRITTANY Resident Life Resident Coordinator bbailey@jarvis.edu 2253
Dr. BHUIYAN, SHAKHAWAT  SAFRA Strengthening Academic Instruction  Professor  sbhuiyan@jarvis.edu 2121
Dr. BIERITZ, GERALD  Arts & Sciences  Associate Professor  sbaarryer@jarvis.edu  2122
BLANTON, COURTNEY  Physical Plant  Asst. to the Director of Facilities  cblanton@jarvis.edu  3102
VACANT Custodial Maintenance  Custodian    3102
BRIONES, DEVORA  Director of Health Services  Director of Health Services  dbriones@jarvis.edu  2176
BROWN, CHAMPAGNE  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  cbrown@jarvis.edu  3102
BROWN, LANCE Athletics Head Coach Wrestling lbrown@jarvis.edu  
VACANT Ensuring SS and Career Readiness  Online Enrollment and Professional    2314
Dr. CARTER, GLENDORA  SAFRA Strengthening Acad. Instruction-  Prof. of Chem. / Dept. Chair of Biology Dept.  gcarter@jarvis.edu  2125
CHALK, MORRIS  Grounds Maintenance  Groundskeeper  mchalk@jarvis.edu  3102
COOK, YASMEEN Athletics Asst. Athletic Trainer ycook@jarvis.edu  
COWSERT, DAVID  ONLINE PROGRAM  Director of Online Learning & Teaching  DCOWSERT@JARVIS.EDU  2154
CULMER, ERYN  Student Affairs  Admin Assistant  eculmer@jarvis.edu  2250
DELINT, DANIELLE  Office of the President  Director of Human Resources  ddelint@jarvis.edu  2901
DINKENS, DENISE Upward Bound Asst. Director of Upward Bound ddinkens@jarvis.edu  
Dr. Rev. DINKENS, SEDARIC  Arts & Sciences  Instructor of Religion / Chaplain  sdinkens@jarvis.edu  2150
Dr. EKE, KENOYE K.  Dev & Institutional Advance  VP of Inst. Advancement  keke@jarvis.edu  3001
ELSE, OPHELIA  Business Office  Reproduction and Mail Clerk  oelse@jarvis.edu  2706
VACANT Recruitment & Admissions  Recruiter     
Dr. FARMER, PHILIP  Arts & Sciences  Chair Arts and Sciences  pfarmer@jarvis.edu  2124
Dr. FIRVEN, MICHAEL  Arts & Sciences  Assistant Professor of History  mfirven@jarvis.edu   
FORD, SHARDAY Adult and Continuing Education Administrative Support sford@jarvis.edu 2959
FRANCIS, JOHN  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  jfrancis@jarvis.edu  3102
FUENTES, JOSE I.  Grounds Maintenance  Groundskeeper  jfuentes@jarvis.edu  3102
GHOLSON, ROSAMOND  Financial Aid  Sr. Financial Aid Counselor  rgholson@jarvis.edu  2404
GIBSON, SHAMBRICA  Financial Aid  Financial Aid Counselor  sgibson@jarvis.edu  2402
GIPSON, CORY  Business Office  AVP Campus Operation/Emergency Operations cgipson@jarvis.edu   
GOLDSMITH-HERNANDEZ, LINDA  Student Affairs  Coordinator of Diversity Program  goldsmith-hernandez@jarvis.edu  2251
GRAHAM, KATHY  UNCF CPI Implementation  Coordinator of Career Services  kgraham@jarvis.edu  2107
GRAY, COURTNEY  Student Activities  Dir. Residence Life  cgray@jarvis.edu   
HAMPTON, WILLIAM  Alumni Affairs  Ex Dir of Alumni Affairs  whampton@jarvis.edu  3002
HARRIS, CHAMBRELL  Business Office  Lead Accountant  charris@jarvis.edu  2710
HARRIS, JACOB  Enhancing Campus Technology  IT Tech  jharris@jarvis.edu  3602
HEADE, MAURICE  Athletics Asst. Men Basketball Coach mheade@jarvis.edu  2526
HENSON, SONIA  Student Success Services ADA Coordinator SSS Academic A  shenson@jarvis.edu  2308
Dr. HESTER, CYNTHIA  Academic Affairs  Asst. VP for Academic Affairs  chester@jarvis.edu  2108
HODGES, JAKORIAN Facilities Grounds Keeper jhodges@jarvis.edu 3102
Dr. HOFF, ANNE  Arts & Sciences  Assistant Professor of English  ahoff@jarvis.edu  2133
HOLLMAN, ANTOINESHA  Strengthening Academic Instruction  Asst. Professor of Biology  ahollman@jarvis.edu  4001
HOLLMAN, DEREK  Athletics  Interim Asst. Men’s Basketball  dhollman@jarvis.edu  2313
HOLLMAN, ERIC  SAFRA Strengthening Academic Instruction  Assistant Professor  ehollman@jarvis.edu  2314
HOLLOWAY, ANDREA Human Resources Asst. to Human Resources aholloway@jarvis.edu 2903
VACANT  Athletics  Head Men’s Baseball Coach    2523
HOLT, JOYCE  Student Success Services Coordinator Writing Center  jholt@jarvis.edu  2312
VACANT Office of the President  SACS/Special Asst. to President    2508
HUDSON, CRYSTAL  Dev & Institutional Advance  Scholarship Coordinator  chudson@jarvis.edu  3005
VACANT  Business Office  Admin for Finance Office    2704
JACKSON, SANETRA Athletics Asst. Women Basketball  Coach s1jackson@jarvis.edu 2204
JACKSON, SONIA Custodian Custodian sjackson@javis.edu 3102
JEFFRIES, MAVONEE  Adult Ed Dallas Site  Dir of Jarvis in Dallas  mjeffries@jarvis.edu  2955
JOHNSON, GERRY  Student Activities  Coordinator of Game Room  gjohnson@jarvis.edu  2250
  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Prof of Kinesiology     
JONES, CECELIA  Financial Aid  Director Financial Aid  cjones@jarvis.edu  2410
Dr. JONES, YOLANDA Student Success Services Executive Dir of SSS  yjones@jarvis.edu  2006
Dr. JUDSON, TRENTON  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Professor of English  tjudson@jarvis.edu  2131
KALULU, DAFF  Business Administration  Asst. Prof of Business Admin  dkalulu@jarvis.edu  2102
Dr. KARIUKI, CHERYL  Education  Assistant Professor  ckariuki@jarvis.edu  2130
Dr. KARIUKIMWANGI, BENSON  Business Administration  Dean Business Department  bkariukimwangi@jarvis.edu  2115
  Athletics  Athletic Trainer     
KORA, SHERIFF  Enhancing Campus Technology  Data Base Administrator  skora@jarvis.edu  3604
LADNER, BOBBY  Athletics  Athletics Director  bladner@jarvis.edu  2526
LAMBERT, MICHELINE  Student Services  Asst. Vice President Student Services  mlambert@jarvis.edu  2201
LANDER, LAURA K.  Registrar  Dir. Student Records/Registrar  llander@jarvis.edu  2453
Dr. LANGLEY, DOROTHY  Adult Educ. Hawkins Site  Dean Adult Continuing Education  dlangley@jarvis.edu  2904
Dr. LANHAM, BERNARD  Adult Ed Dallas Site  Assistant Professor  blanham@jarvis.edu   
LEE, ANTRANETTE Business Office Account Receivable - Student alee@jarvis.edu 2714
LEE, GWENDOLYN  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Prof of Social Work  glee@jarvis.edu   
Dr. LEE, SEONG  Arts & Sciences  Associate Professor  slee@jarvis.edu   
Dr. LEEPRUITT, GLENELL  Academic Affairs  Provost /VP of Academic Affairs  gleepruitt@jarvis.edu  2103
LEWIS, JASON  Student Success Services  Asst. Dir of Advising  jlewis@jarvis.edu  2307
LOVE, KELON Facilities  Grounds Keeper klove@jarvis.edu 3102
LOVE, PAULA  Business Office  VP for Finance & Business Admin  plove@jarvis.edu  2701
MARTINEZ, DAVID  Athletics  Head Soccer Coach  dmartinez@jarvis.edu  2905
MAURER, BROOKE Public Relations Graphic Designer bmaurer@jarvis.edu 4361
MENDOZA, ANDREA  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  amendoza@jarvis.edu  3102
MERCADO, TAMERA Business Office Payroll Specialist tmercado@jarvis.edu 2705
VACANT Counseling Center  Dir. of Counseling Services    2259
Dr. MOORE, ADRIENNE  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Professor of Mass Communication  amoore@jarvis.edu   
MOTT, CARLA  Upward Bound  Director of Upward Bound  cmott@jarvis.edu  2612
MUCUI, JANNET Business Office Accounts Payable jmucui@jarvis.edu 2702
Dr. MUKORO, SALIBA D.  Arts & Sciences  Lead Prof of Criminal Justice  smukoro@jarvis.edu   
Dr. MUKWEYI, ALISON  Strengthening Academic Instruction  Associate Professor  amukweyi@jarvis.edu   
MURILLO, ALAN  Enhancing Campus Technology  IT Tech Support  amurillo@jarvis.edu  2558
VACANT Strengthening Academic Instruc  Assistant Professor    2144
Dr. NEWMAN, LESTER  Office of the President  President  lnewman@jarvis.edu  2510
NGWANG, SUSANA  Student Success Services  Director of Advising  sngwang@jarvis.edu  2301
Dr. OBI, ESTHER  Arts & Sciences  Assistant Professor  eobi@jarvis.edu   
PAGE, BRIANNA Admissions Office Admissions Recruiter bpage@jarvis.edu 2209
PALMER, JASLYN Admissions Office Admissions Recruiter jpalmer@jarvis.edu 2201
PECINA, ROSA  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  rpecina@jarvis.edu  3102
VACANT  Athletics  Assistant Baseball Coach    2528
PERRY, THOMAS A.  Band  Director of Bands  tperry@jarvis.edu  4008
PETTIES, GIA Student Success Services Academic Advisor/Community Service gpetties@jarvis.edu 2909
Dr. PLOTT, RICHARD AVP Institutional Research and Effectiveness  AVP Institutional Research and Effectiveness rplott@jarvis.edu 2958
VACANT Custodial Maintenance  Custodian    3102
POLK, LATANISHA  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  lpolk@jarvis.edu  3102
PRATT, JEREMY  Athletics  Track Field Cross Country Co  jpratt@jarvis.edu  2517
PRELOW, JUSTICE Admissions Office Admissions Recruiter jprelow@jarvis.edu 2211
Dr. PRESTON, CLARENCE  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Professor of Religion  cpreston@jarvis.edu   
VACANT Athletics  Athletic Trainer    
PUGH, REGINALD  Physical Plant  Supervisor Physical Plant Driver  rpugh@jarvis.edu  3102
RAGLAND, JANET Office of the President Director of Public Relations jragland@jarvis.edu 3006
Dr. RANKIN, DARRIN Enrollment Management and Retention VP of Enrollment Management and Retention


Dr. RICHARDSON, ANDRE  Student Affairs  Vice President of Student Services  arichardson@jarvis.edu  2206
RICHMOND, AKIM Athletics Equipment Manager/Stats arichmond@jarvis.edu  
ROBINSON, TYRONE  Athletics  Head Softball Coach  trobinson@jarvis.edu   
RODRIGUEZ, JULIA  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  jrodriguez@jarvis.edu  3102
Dr. SAMYONO, WIDODO  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Professor of Mathematics  wsamyono@jarvis.edu   
Dr. SANDERS, TALIA  Arts & Sciences  Assistant Professor  tsanders@jarvis.edu   
SANDIFER, WILLIE  Physical Plant  Director of Facilities  wsandifer@jarvis.edu  3102
SARAVIA, JOSE  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  jsaravia@jarvis.edu  3102
SIMMONS, ARTHUR  Grounds Maintenance  Groundskeeper  asimmons@jarvis.edu  3102
SIMMONS, DEBRA Office of the President Executive Administrative Assistant dsimmons@jarvis.edu 2510
Dr. SIMMONS, SHANEKA  Arts & Sciences  Asst. Professor of Biology  ssimmons@jarvis.edu   
SHEFFIELD, SHRAUD  Information Technology  IT Assistant SSHEFFIELD@JARVIS.EDU   
SLONEKER, MARK  Enhancing Library Resources  Access Librarian  msloneker@jarvis.edu  2171
SMITH, CHARLES A  Student Activities  Coordinator of Student Organizations  csmith@jarvis.edu  2250
SMITH, KERRY F.  Dev & Institutional Advance  Admin. Asst./Gift Entry  ksmith@jarvis.edu  3003
SMITH, TAMIA  Custodial Maintenance  Custodian  tsmith@jarvis.edu  3102
STANCIL, CYNTHIA  Office of the President  Chief of Staff Dir of Title I  cstancil@jarvis.edu  2515
Dr. STARLING, DAMESIA  Education  Asst. Prof/Int. Dean Education  dstarling@jarvis.edu  2134
Dr. SUARZ, YEFER Arts and Sciences Associate Professor ysuarz@jarvis.edu  
SULAK, GARRETT Athletics Sports Information Director gsulak@jarvis.edu  
TALLEY, CHESTLEY  Career Services and Planning  Director Career Services  ctalley@jarvis.edu  4040
TENNYSON, ROSALIND  Resident Life  Resident Coordinator  rtennyson@jarvis.edu  2250
THOMPSON, BRUCE ALVIN  Choir  Director Choral Activities  bthompson@jarvis.edu  2007
THOMPSON, DEVON  Arts & Sciences  Instructor in Kinesiology  dthompson@jarvis.edu  2524
Dr. THREADCRAFT, MELODY  Arts & Sciences  Assistant Professor  mthreadcraft@jarvis.edu  2141
TOLIVERKING, JANICE  Arts & Sciences  Associate Professor  jtoliverking@jarvis.edu   
TURNER, CHRISTOPHER  Resident Life  Resident Coordinator  cturner@jarvis.edu  2250
VALENTINE, SHIRLEY  Business Office  Accounts Receivables Specialist  svalentine@jarvis.edu  2708
VANCE, SHONNA  Arts & Sciences  Director of Field Experience  svance@jarvis.edu   
VACANT Recruitment & Admissions  Director of Admissions     
WALKER, CHRISTON Academic Affairs Course Developer for Online Program cwalker@jarvis.edu 4360
WATSON, CHRISTOPHER  Enhancing Campus Technology  Director of Information Technology  cwatson@jarvis.edu  3604
WAYNE, REMONA  Enhancing Library Resources  Part time Librarian  rwayne@jarvis.edu  2171
VACANT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS  Asst. VP Innovation / Technology     
WILLINGHAM, ROBERT  Building Maintenance  HVAC Technician  rwillingham@jarvis.edu  3102
WINSTON, JANELLE  Resident Life  Resident Coordinator  jwinston@jarvis.edu  2250
WINTERS, GWENDOLYN  Dev & Institutional Advance  Asst. Vice President of Institutional Advancement  gwinters@jarvis.edu  3004
WOODSON, BECKY  Adult Ed Dallas Site  Adult Education Recruiter  bwoodson@jarvis.edu   
YALE, JANIE  Registrar  Asst. Director Student Records/Registrar  cyale@jarvis.edu  2452
ZOMALT, DREWVETTE  Office of the President  Asst. Dir of Sponsored Program  dzomalt@jarvis.edu  2510